Construction Quality construction quality

The steps in process of creating strong foundation 

1. Research (grounding)

2. Subbase layer

3. Fine-grained sand

4. Concrete layer (10sm)

5. Isolation 

6. Concrete layer (10sm)

7. Construction works


Quality of concrete

Molds of Peri company of Germany are used in order to ensure the quality of the concrete.

Thanks to its unique feature, it ensures that the concrete process is carried out in accordance with all technological rules. That is, it does not leave the water and the solution in concrete, so that the concrete takes its mark in its solution and accelerates the drying process of concrete. Fittings. Certified fittings from Russia are imported and plastered. The parameters of the fittings are checked at the local laboratory every time.

Scientific and Research and Project, Constructor and Building Materials Institute named after S.A.Dadashov checks the quality of concrete and fittings for the purpose of providing safety in construction materials and construction industry. The building does not continue the construction process without getting results.

Facing and facade

- creates a plain, smooth surface free of defects;
- not to become dusty;
- environmentally friendly product;
- harmless mix for a human body;
- it is easy to prepare and it is applied;
- it isn't added PVA glues and other additives;
- it is used without waste, and gives to the master esthetic pleasure;
- doesn't burst;
- strong and elastic.

Advantages of stone woolen material:

• Made of natural stones
• It does not burn in any case because it is stone-based
• Ecologically the cleanest product is counted. It is pressurized without any chemical adhesives.
• The material is breathing because it is porous and there is no moisture and darkness in the inner space.
• Depending on the thickness used, it is an effective heat and cold insulation material. Note that almost 5cm stone woolen material replaces 80sm brick in the facade.
• The facade built with this type of system can serve at least 25 years without repair.
• It is considered the most widely used heat insulation material in the world.
• Reduces future energy consumption and leads to less combi and air conditioning usage.
• It does not allow the difference between the exterior wall and the interior wall and prevents air flow

Repair Qualityrepair quality


1) The interior doors of the apartment are made in Belarus. Covering of the door that made of pine tree are polypropylene material that is environmentally friendly, temperature-resistant, non-scratchy and odorless.

The set of furniture is made of resistant "Zamak" metal. The frames of the doors are a "Telescope" model that can be mounted without any clutches and without any adhesive. The advantage of this model is that it can be removed and re-installed at any time.


2) Wallpapers are produced by Italian Limonta Company, which has been operating since 1893. The wall paper's covering is vinyl, and its primer is a highly adhesive flizelin material. When using this product, there will be no cases where the edges are split. Moreover, the products are thick enough for the Italian tradition, so it can not be torn easily after applying the wall. The appearance of these wallpapers, made with the latest standards, is completely clear and does not have any blur effect.


3) The shower cabins used for housing repair are the German brand of Hüppe. The products of this brand are used on all over the globe. The "5mm tempered" glass of the cabin is indestructible and completely safe. The peculiarity of this bottle is that no cracks are scattered around in the event of an emergency during high pressure or external impact. Due to the preparation of shower cabins with German technology, both entry and exterior parts cannot be damaged and can be used for many years.


4) Bathroom accessory kit is one of the most well-known brands of Turkey, E.C.A. company. Every detail needed for the hood is selected with high taste and with durable quality. Every piece creates harmony in terms of design. Metal parts are pure chrome material and are stainless.


5) Heating radiators are from the Italian Immergas brand. This product with 80mm wide ensures complete heat transfer. Even the resistance to pressure at 20 atmospheres has been tested because the thickness is sufficiently high. Radiators are aluminum and have no danger to human health.


6) On the parquet floors of the Kahrs brand of Sweden has a thick matte effect. These floors made of oak material in Russia are completely resistant to moisture, and when water is dispersed, it does not break or crack.


7) The products of STN, one of Spain's most famous tile-ceramic factories are used in repair of bathrooms and corridors. Products of this brand are offered to customers in 120 countries of the world. These tiles, according to their design, are also completely safe, and being prepared with high precision and technology. These tiles are being applied in different colors and designs that give the bathroom a different look.


8) Elevators are manufactured by Wittur brand of Germany. According to the door mechanism, these lifts are optimally safe. The cabin is spacious and bright. Lifts with 630kg for passengers and 1000kg for freight will be available. Elevator engines are made by the Italian brand of Alberto Sassi, which meet the highest standards of safety. These engines which can handle the lifts of the tallest buildings by saving spare power, have an insurance system. The elevator can be stopped at the distance of 1m by giving instruction to it when an emergency situation occurs and people inside can be easily evacuated.