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Frequently Asked Questions

1.Which projects have completed apartments?

-   You can get information about the completed projects at the following link:  http://kristalabsheron.az/az/projects/index

2. Is it possible to make a change (remaking) in the project of rooms?

-   It is possible to make changes (remaking) in the apartment project without interfering with the carriages until the masonry works start in the apartments.

3.What does utilities bill include?

-   Utility services include building maintenance services, lighting of blocks and maintenance of light generators, cleaning of building corridors and courtyards, maintenance of elevators, and transportation of domestic waste from the designated place.

4. How much do your utilities cost?

-   Utility costs vary depending on the location of the project.

5   What is the quality of the elevators?

-   Elevators are manufactured by Wittur, a German brand. According to the door mechanism, these lifts are optimally safe. The cabin is spacious and bright. 630kg for passengers and 1000kg for lifts.

-   Elevator engines are the Italian brand, Alberto Sassi, which meets the highest standards of safety. These engines, which can handle the lifts of the tallest buildings, even with their spare power, have an insurance system. When an emergency occurs, the team at the elevator is given 1 m. stopping at a distance and the inside can be fully relaxed.

6   Can the elevators be used on the garage and attic floor?

-   It depends on the project. For more information, please call 1544.

7   Is there a pitch for children in the yard of residential complexes?

-   Yes, pitches are planned for the rest of the residents and for children to play in the yard of all residential buildings built.

8   Is there a TV, internet and telephone line?

-   Yes, centralized fiber optic internet, telephone and TV line (digital satellite broadcasting system)installed in all projects built.


9   Do you have a central heating system?

-   The price of one cubic meter of natural gas used in boilers for the heating of flats is calculated at twice the price (1 cubic meter = 0.20 manats)in accordance with new decision of Tariff Council for non-residents which came into force from 01.12.2016 and this applies to the HCCs as well. In this case, the cost of heating and hot water supply for the HCC premises provided by the central heating system (boiler house) has increased twice. Therefore, the buildings constructed are being equipped with a separate boiler system. Individual boiler system installed in flats is 2 times more profitable than the boiler house of the HCC, since the use of 1500 cubic meters of natural gas allocated by state per year with previous price (1 cubic meter = 0.10 manat) is intended for the use of residents only. 

5   Do apartments supplied with gas when handed over?

-   Yes, all apartments are provided with gas.

6    Do you provide the Buyer with an Extract (Registration certificate)?

-   All flats are provided with extracts (Registration certificates) and technical passports, when the building is being handed over.

7    Are there any delays in the handover of apartments?

-   Short-term (1-2 months) delays may take place as most of the materials used in the construction and maintenance are imported from European countries and considering the seasonal factors.

8   Are counters installed before handing over?

-   Yes, when apartments are handed over gas, cold water and electricity meters are being installed in apartments.

9   Is the apartment handed over with furniture?

-   No, the apartments are not being handed over with  furniture.

10 Are apartments handed over with boiler system?

-   Apartments in ongoing buildings will be equipped with a boiler system. The proposed boiler systems belong to E.C.A. Company of Turkey and are suggested with lower price up to 30% of the market price.

1   Is there repair warranty?

-   When handing over a customer's apartment, engineers who control the repair review the apartment together with the customer, problems are being eliminated if any defects are found in the repair, and then the handover/acceptance act is being signed. The residents are being assisted by the company after handing over, if any problem caused by the company.

2   How do you guarantee the quality of the repairs made before drying of the building?

-   Repair in all buildings is being done after completion of drying. The main reasons for the rapid drying of the building is the use of proper technology in the construction process and simultaneous use of German reinforced concrete-molding works on three floors of the building at the same time unlike most construction companies.

3  What does repair include?

-   Repair includes interior doors of the Belarusian production, Turkey production entrance door, plastic doors and windows made of German technology, wallpapers made in Italy, bathroom accessories produced by Turkey's E.C.A. company, tiles produced in Spain, parquet floors (oak)  produced in Hungary and so on. In addition, the apartments are provided with a separate heating system (boiler system).

  You can get information about the completed projects at the following link:  http://kristalabsheron.az/az/quality

4    Is the owner of the apartment able to control the repair?

-   Yes, unlike other constructions the owner of the apartment may supervise the repair of the premises by observing the safety precautions at the prescribed time.

5   Is it possible to choose the materials used in home design and repair?

-   Yes, it is possible to choose among the different types of repair materials offered by the company.The customer can buy the material he/she wants and have it to be used during repair if the suggested materials do not meet the customer's wishes. In this case, no additional costs are required to use the material for repair. 

1   Is there a sale free from initial payment?

-   Unfortunately, terms of sale free from initial payment are no longer valid.

2   Is there a sale without repair?

-   We do not have a sale without repair except for Merida Premium project situated in Elmlar and Royal Residence project situated in Ingilab.

3  Why there is no sale without repair?

-   We began massive repair of apartments for the first time in Azerbaijan since 2011 in accordance with our 15 years of experience in construction sector, observations and, most importantly, according to customers' wishes. Our main goal is to relieve our clients off from repair care  and to provide them with fully repaired apartments in a short period of time.Practice shows that, noise and other repair problems during repair process of apartments by the owners at different times in buildings were handed over without repair cause a constant concern of the residents of the building. Corridors and areas of the building intended for general use are inadequate and elevators are out of order because of repairing of building apartments at different times. Given all this, we think that the complete repairing of the apartments is the right step for the convenience of residents. 

4  Does the price change depending on the area?

-   Yes, the price varies depending on the location of the project and the characteristics of the building.

5    Does advance purchase affect the price?

-   Yes, discount is applied during advance purchase.

6 What projects have the minimum prices?

-   Prices of apartments in different projects vary depending on the location of the premises, the characteristics of the building, the size of the premises, and for other reasons.

7How can foreign citizens get a flat?

-   Foreign citizens can get flats with internal credits and advance payments.

8 Do the sale begin after the foundation (foundation ditch)?

-   Yes, the sale of flats is carried out right after the foundation.

9 Do the prices of apartments differ for the floor, and other reasons?

-   Yes, depending on the projects, the price of the apartments may vary for the floor, panorama, and other reasons.

10 Is it necessary to be registered in Baku in order to buy a flat?

-   No, any person who is a citizen of Azerbaijan can own a flat.

11Does the price change for the building's construction phases?

-   Yes, the price varies depending on the construction phase.

12Is it possible to change the flat bought from the XX branch to the XX branch?

-   Yes, this is possible in special cases. For this, you should look at the terms of the apartment sale (advance, state mortgage, long-term bank credit, internal credit, etc.) and decide on it by coming to the sales office.

1 Is it necessary to work in a government bodies in order to get a mortgage?

-   No, reference from the workplace and a document indicating the salary is enough.

2    What are your credit terms?

-   Internal credit

-   Customers who want to own a flat with an internal credit may have it with 30% prepayment by paying with installments up to five years.Customers who want to have an apartment with a long-term mortgage can have fully repaired flats with 20% prepayment for a period of 25 or 30 (preferential) years with a 7% or 4% annual interest rate.

3   What are the required documents for the credit?

-   In order to get a credit, you need a reference from workplace.

4    Is it possible to get a flat on a credit with an ID card only?

-   It is possible to get a flat on a credit with internal credit terms with an ID card only. Internal credit term is 30% prepayment, credit duration is 5 years.

5   What is the amount of salary required for credit?

-   The amount of salary required depends only on the customer's choice of building and flat.

6     Is the annual % rate is decreasing %?

- Yes, long-term mortgage credit calculations are made by annuity calculation method.

7 What are your internal credit terms?

-   Customers who want to own a flat with an internal credit may have it with 30% prepayment by paying with installments up to five years.

8 Will the interest be deducted if the credit is pre-paid? 

-   Yes, the interest rate for the next months is not calculated if customers receiving long-term mortgage credits exceeds the amount of monthly payment or if the amount of residual amount is paid in short period of time than the prescribed period. In this case, customers will pay less interest rates than the predefined credit schedule.

9How long time does the mortgage credit documentation need to be completed?

-   In order to accelerate the process of documentation for mortgage credits, our company provides assistance to our clients and during one week the documentation process is being completed and the customer is being provided with a flat.

10 I am a citizen of Azerbaijan but formally I work in a foreign country, can I get a mortgage credit?

-   Yes, it is possible. In this case, extract from salary card and a reference from workplace should be translated and presented.   

11I do not have a formal job, I am a taxpayer, I am engaged in entrepreneurial activity for more than 2 years, can I take a mortgage credit?

-   Yes, every registered entrepreneur can get a mortgage credit. For this purpose, the client must submit a tax certificate and a tax return.

12I am not a citizen of Azerbaijan, but I work in Azerbaijan. Can I take a mortgage credit?

-   These persons may benefit from the terms (internal credit) intended for foreign citizens.

13 Is there a registration restriction for obtaining mortgage credit (district, city or Nakhchivan AR)?

-   No, there is no restriction. Any citizen of the Republic of Azerbaijan may benefit from the existing terms.

14 My official income is not enough to take a mortgage who can act as a borrower with me?  

-   Borrower by submitting the same required documents with the borrower not exceeding 3 persons, that is, a maximum of 3 persons can apply together and these persons definitely should be close relatives and documents should confirm it (father, mother, sister, brother, children, spouse).  

15Who do you mean when you say a young family? I am 36 years old, but I am new married, am I considered a young family?

-   No, a young family is married people up to 35 years old or single person up to 35 years old who has a minor child in commitment (whose spouse has died or divorced).   The following members of a young family are entitled to use mortgage credit with 4% per annum:

a. A member of the family of martyrs (husband/wife, children);

b. National Hero (himself/herself, husband/wife, children);

c. Internally displaced persons or persons equated to them;

d. Person serving at least 3 years of civil service, including person serving in a special service of civil service;

e. A person working at public school for at least 5 years;

f. A person with the degree of Doctor of Philosophy;

g. A person with special services in the field of sports

(Honorary Physical Training and Sports Officer,

winner of domestic competitions (I place),

winner of international competitions (I, II or III place).

You can get information about the completed projects at the following link:  www.amf.az

16 Can I submit an electronic certificate as I am having difficulties with getting a reference from the workplace?

-   Yes, you can. Electronic reference can be obtained and printed by the customer by registering on the electronic government portal (www.e-gov.az)

17  Can a mortgagee get a 2nd mortgage?

-    Yes, it is possible to get a mortgage for the second time, with the total credit amount not exceeding 150 000 manats.

18 Do monthly payment reduce when the initial payment is high?

-   Yes, the monthly fee is reduced if the amount exceeds the amount of the minimum initial installment of any loan type.

19 Who has the right to use the preferential terms of the State Mortgage?

-   Doctor of Science;

-   Person serving at least 15 years of civil service, including person serving in a special service of civil service;

-   a person serving at least 3 years of military service (except military servicemen serving in the current military service), as well as military servicemen of the Republic of Azerbaijan, who were released on reserve and resignation (except for those who are in reserve or resignation in cases provided in articles 41.0.6, 41.0.7, 41.0.8, 41.0.10, 42.0.3, 42.0.4 and 42.0.5 of the Law of the Republic of Azerbaijan "On Military Position and Military Service");

-   A person with a special rank serving at least three years in the internal affairs bodies.

-   Scientific workers who worked in a scientific positions for at least 3 years.

1.Has the flat on Attic floor got an extract (Registration Certificate)?

-   Yes, all the apartments built by our company are issued an extract and technical passport.

2.Does the elevator goes up to Attic floor?

-   It varies depending on the project.

3.How is the ceiling of flats on Attic floor?

-   The height of the flats on the Attic floor is the same as other flats, but some flats may have some slopes on the roofs.

4.What is the height of the flats on Attic floor?

-   The height of the flats on the Attic floor is the same as other flats.

5. Will Attic floors have problems in the future?

-   The ceiling of the apartments and the roof of the building are double-sealed against possible situations, despite the fact that the ceiling of Attic's floor has not a concrete cover. So, two layers of board material and 2 layers of insulation are laid under the slate floor.

1.Will the paid money and initial payment be refunded when the flat is handed back to the company?

-   If such a situation occurs, after the necessary documents are collected as mentioned in the concluded contract, the apartment is put up for sale, after resale the residual debt for bank is being paid, and later remained amount is returned to the customer.

2. When will the registration for apartment be available  after buying the apartment?

-   After the payment of credits to bank if the apartment is purchased with an internal credit,

-   After the mortgage is pledged if it was bought through a bank, and a customer can register on a flat in advance in accordance with registration document

-   If the customer receives a registration reference from the State Register of Real Estate if the construction process is in progress.

3.     Are there objects in sale?

- Yes, for this purpose, it is necessary to apply to branch representatives.