Residents of “Crystal Absheron” has received extracts (Registration Certificates)

Chairman of "Crystal Absheron HCC": "It works like that right now, it will be the same in the future as well".

So far, up to 1,500 residents have received extracts for their apartments in the buildings built in Khirdalan city by "Crystal Absheron HCC". At present, extracts are being presented to about 100 residents of buildings, and more than 800 apartment owners will receive their extracts in the near future."

Azer Maharramov, Chairman of the "Crystal Absheron" HCC mentioned that at the event held within the framework of the "Mass Extract" campaign organized by the State Committee for Property Issues for the residents of Crystal Absheron in Khirdalan, Absheron region.

Chairman of the HCC said that, in general, extracts are being presented within about 10 days after buying the apartment from the ready-made buildings of the "Crystal Absheron HCC”: "Residents are being provided with gas, water, electricity, and extract from the day they move in. It works like that right now, it will be the same in the future as well. When the building is ready, the apartments are provided with all the communal services and extracts and being presented to the residents. And today people get extracts for their apartments. They are very happy."

Tahir Yusifov, one of the residents who received an extract for his apartment, says that he has three apartments in the Crystal Absheron HCC, in Khirdalan: "The State Committee for Property Issues presents our extracts in our courtyard, without leaving our work. Therefore, we would like to thank the State Committee on Property Issues and the management of the "Crystal Absheron HCC".

T.Yusifov said that "He is very satisfied with Crystal Absheron HCC": "This is the only construction company in Azerbaijan that both the terms and the conditions are perfect. Here, apartments are offered fully repaired. We have 24 hours hot and cold water. There is the central heating system. I bought 3 apartments from here. I think no other company can satisfy residents like this."

Another resident, Razia Mammadova, is very happy to have an extract for her apartment in the courtyard of the building:

"We are so happy... We would suffer a lot to get extracts for apartments in the past. But now the State Committee for Property Issues delights us. They presented us our extracts right in our courtyard. Thank you very much. "

Rana Babayev also is satisfied with the conditions created for them by the State Committee on Property Issues:

 "Thanks to the State Committee for Property Issues that presents our extracts in our courtyard without the loss of time".

Basira Fattahova also is a resident who got an extract for her apartment. As she mentioned, they are very pleased with the apartment they receive from the Crystal Absheron HCC:

"The condition of the buildings is very good. Every condition has been created for the convenience of the residents. It is also a good idea to have houses with a single ID card. Because of this, a person who does not work in the government bodies can easily get an apartment. Apartments are offered for 20 years. It is also very good that the credit is in manats. Our apartment is 40.1 square meters. The apartment was fully repaired. Repaire was made with excellent quality."

We should note that "Crystal Absheron HCC" offers fully renovated 1, 2 and 3-roomed apartments in several cities of the country, especially in residential buildings in the capital city Baku. Slogan of "Crystal Absheron HCC" is "We Build Your Dreams".

It should be noted that thanks to the "Mass Extract" campaign carried out by the State Committee on Property Issues, citizens and property owners can obtain registration documents at their own address. No additional charges are required for delivery of services, mobile services are only available on the basis of state duty and service fee. These fees are paid only through the bank or electronically.