Opportunity for Ramadan - a total of 167 manats per month

"Crystal Absheron" company that at present are implementing more than 20 projects in Baku, Khirdalan and Sumgayit, made a voice with different building projects, in the month of Ramadan has started the campaign called "Live the joy of Ramadan in Your Home". (Campaign period is June 5 - 30, 2017)

Now, it is possible to get completely repaired apartments on the attic floor of the company's projects by June 30, with the most advantageous terms of payment. Now customers can buy repaired apartments on the attic floor of the Khirdalan project for 25 years with a monthly payment of 167 manat. In this case, the initial payment is 5890 manats only.




Clients can get apartments with full repair and extract for a 25-year mortgage. Earlier, the mortgage interest rate, which was 8%, was reduced to 7%. As a result, the buyer's monthly payments are even less. It should be noted that the offered mortgage conditions are the most favorable conditions on the market. Long-term (up to 25 years) and low interest rates (7% annual) are the main advantages of this mortgage.




One of the biggest advantages of the "Crystal Absheron" in housing market is the handover the apartment with repair. Repair is carried out with recognized and quality materials. Ceramic products (tile) of the Spanish company "STN", power lines of Turkey's Imkacable company, plumbing products of the "E.C.A." company, the lift engines of Italy's Alberto Sassi company, bath cabins of the German brand "Hüppen", oak parquet floors produced by Hungary and Russia, wallpapers of Italy’s Limonta company, the interior doors of the Belarusian production are being used during the repair works. Buildings of the "Crystal Absheron" are isolated with stone wool belonged to “Texnonikol” company.


All apartments in "Crystal Absheron" buildings are provided with extracts.