After reading the house ads for a high price, do you think you can never buy an apartment? You can calmly breathe on these warm days. What about an apartment in a building located in the most favorable partof Baku for a monthly payment of 377 manats ?!


The reliable construction company of Azerbaijan "Crystal Absheron" builds one of its modern residential complexes on the 8th micro district.


One of the most important advantages of the 8th micro-district project is its location on the most favorable partof Baku. The complex is located in 2 minutes walking from the station "Azadlig" near "Kamala-Narmin" restaurant. The distance between the subway station "Ganjlik" and the complex by car is 3-4 minutes. There are the bazaar, markets, schools, entertainment centers, etc., around the complex.


Many do not want to buy an apartment of construction has just started in order not to pay an additional fee in tenants. Project 8th micro district of the "Crystal Absheron" will be handed over at the end of 2017.


Apartments, handed over with a full repair and with an extract are offered with a mortgage for a period of 25 years.. For example, for 1 roomed apartment with an area of 42.7 sq.m. the initial payment is 13323 manats, for a period of 25 years, with a monthly payment of 277 manats.


The repair includes wallpaper made in Italy, tiles and brooms of the Spanish company "SIN", bathroom accessories produced by the company E.C.A. Turkey, oak parquet produced in Russia as in other projects of "Crystal Absheron". Safe entrance doors in apartments are produced in Turkey.

The apartments are provided with a centralized TV cable and internet.

For those who cannot get familiar with the projects in the middle of the week because of the work, the offices of Crystal Absheron operate at weekends. At weekend you can go to any sales office and get full information about projects, financial conditions and construction processes.

It is worth noting that the building under construction on 8th micro-district consists of 16 floors and an attic.


Mortgage conditions in the company "Crystal Absheron" making apartment wishes of people come true became more suitable. Now you can become owner of an apartment with a full repair and an extract with a mortgage for a period of not 20 years, but for 25 years. Mortgage interest is not 8%, but 7%. Pre-payment is only 20%. Along with the fact that these loan conditions on the apartment market are the most profitable, in other construction companies such conditions are not available.

The increase in the mortgage period, the decline in interest led to the same result that monthly fees fell significantly. For example, you can become owner of 1 roomed apartment with a total area of ​​52.9 sq.m. with a view to the sea and with a full renovation for a monthly fee of 431 manats.


If you buy an apartment from the Bayil project of the company Crystal Absheron, you will not wait long in order to move in. The residential complex being built in Bayil is already being completed. In August of 2017 the complex will be handed over.

This residential complex under construction on the left side of the new road stretched from the settlement of Bibiheybat of the Sabail district to the residential massif of Bayil (opposite the Water Sports Palace) consists of 3 buildings each of 16 floors. The buildings are distinguished by a majestic architectural view. In the wide green area of ​​the courtyard of the complex there will be a playground and a two-storey modern kindergarten. There are several secondary schools nearby.



Residents who purchased apartments from "Crystal Absheron" are provided with an extract (Registration Certificate) issued by the State Register of Real Estate.

Apartments of "Crystal Absheron" are handed over with full repair. The repair includes wallpaper made in Italy, tiles and brooms of the Spanish company "SİN", bathroom accessories produced by the company E.C.A. of Turkey, oak parquet production in Russia, safe entrance doors produced in Turkey. The renovated apartments are provided with a centralized TV cable and internet.

"Crystal Absheron" is the largest construction company with its projects "Sumgait", "Khirdalan", "Guneshli", "Memar Ajami", "Elmlar Akademiyasi", "Bilajari", "Gara Garayev", "Bayil", "8th microdistrict", "Sharifzade", "Ingilab" and others.

In the projects of the company there are apartments corresponding to each budget. Monthly fees start from 188 manats. This summer, come to any project of "Crystal Absheron", and buy your dream apartment with mortgage terms for 25 years.