Is it profitable to buy a repaired apartment, or buy an apartment without repair and repair it?

We will try to answer this question in the article.

You can repair your bought apartment without repair in 2 ways: find an individual master, buy the building materials yourself and entrust repairs to repair teams or companies that provide materials themselves. "Marja" based on information collected from people who repaired their apartment, recounted the main difficulties encountered in the repair.




Let's say you talk with an individual master thinking "I'll repair my apartment as I wish," in this time you should take into account the following difficulties.

1. You have to find a professional master. A master who has been recommended by familiar and close people may not be able to satisfy you and the repair may remain unfinished. A new master may not approve the unfinished repairs. In that case, you will have to spend again on materials.

2. You have to pay for work more than you thought. Usually, individual masters without building materials work for a price within 70-110 manats per 1 square meter. If you require the master additional work, then probably he will start to "mumble". Since, in the process of repair, the apartment owner can change his mind several times. Sometimes the renovated part of the apartment is destroyed, as the owner of the apartment does not like it, in case the rooms are not considered beforehand, the kitchen, corridor, bathroom and toilet are changed, etc. If you want the master not to grumble, you will have to pay him extra.

3. Time spent buying materials and spoiled nerves. If you chose that the building materials will be bought by yourself, please note that this will take at least 3 months. You will often have to go to the market and store of building materials. And the most debilitating side is that you have to go to the store several times, if the materials you bought are not sufficient for repair on the list written by the master. Some materials will remain superfluous and money in this form will be lost. In addition, when buying construction materials, sellers will tell you higher prices, cheated during reckoning, and sometimes you will not be able to find the material that you need, and this can spoil your mood.

4. You are not a master, and therefore do not have information about the secrets of repair. The master chooses the easiest jobs for the comfort of his work, although if he made repairs a little hard, the work would be more beautiful and quality.

5. Theft and absence of savings in building materials. Pray that your master will not be "dishonest" and use construction materials with savings. If in the evening the master in his handbag will carry construction materials to his home or spend construction materials without saving, this will lead to the fact that you will be spent extra.

6. Repair takes much time. If many masters are inclined hastily after giving their work to get money, some masters are irresponsible. Many such masters who drink alcohol in the evening, come to work late in the morning, often sleep "drunk", often do not come to work. In some cases, the repair process lasts 5-7 months, and this causes a waste of time and the spoiled nerves of the owner of the house.

7. The final price is more than the cost of a renovated apartment. Repair the apartment with the help of a master, providing materials, in most cases leads to loss of money and spoiled nerves. Maybe at the end of the repair you have to say "the repair would have ended, the offering was given". If you think that you will save money buying an apartment without repair and repairing it yourself then you are mistaken. Repair of each 1 sq.m. of apartments will cost you more than 350 manats and plus you will lose your time and nerves. Let's say that if you bought 1 square meter of an apartment for 1200 manat, after repair, it will be at least 1550 manats. If you ask the people who have repaired the apartment with the help of an individual master, they can confirm this.



Recently, the number of construction companies in Baku has increased dramatically. Such companies report that they repair every 1 sq.m. of apartments for 180-250 manats. This price includes payment to the master, construction materials and design. If you read this price, you say "perfect", then you hurry. Usually these prices include repairs with ordinary cheap building materials, doors to the rooms are bought by the owner of the apartment. If you want a different and high-quality repair, the price will necessarily increase and rise to 350-500 manats.

When repairing an apartment through construction companies, most of the above problems will arise. If you do not strictly control these companies, you can be deceived by building materials and quality of work.


Common practice in recent years in the world and Azerbaijan has shown that the best option is to buy an apartment from well-known companies that hand over repaired apartments. Such companies are professionals in the repair work, they use higher quality materials, create an opportunity for apartment owners to choose the design and make changes to the project, the relations between neighbors do not deteriorate, as all apartments in the building are repaired and handed over simultaneously, etc.

Today, "Crystal Absheron" and "Khazar Inshaat" are handing over apartments in the constructed residential complexes with full repair.



The representative of the company "Crystal Absheron" informed the "Marja" that one of the biggest advantages of the company in the apartment market is the delivery of fully repaired apartments:

Speaking repaired, the thing is about quality repairs. That is, the repair includes ceramic products of the Spanish company "SİN" (tiles), the electric lines "İmkacable" of Turkey, the sanitary ware of the firm "ESA", the engines of the lift belong to the firm "Alberto Sassi" of Italy, the bathrooms showers of the German brand "Hüppe", oak parquet floors produced in Hungary and Russia, wallpaper is from the Italian company "Limonta", interior room doors manufactured in Belarus, insulation of the building with stone wool of the company "TexnoNikol".



The company official said that some people think that the repair process is very convenient and prefer to repair the apartment themselves. But at the end of the repair they realize that they made an erroneous decision:

In fact, high-quality repairs which cost 250 manats per 1 sq. m. to the company will cost people to 450-500 manats. We take into account that our company buys products for wholesale prices directly from the manufacturer. Therefore, construction materials cost us for very low prices. In addition, people may not have enough information about repairs, but we know our business. There are people who cannot complete the repair of the apartment within 6-7 months, but build the building and hand over it within 1 year by completing repair as well".

We have to note that, prices for 1 sq.m. of apartments with full repair and extract in the projects of "Crystal Absheron" and "Khazar Inshaat" depending on the location varies within the limits of 980-1680 manats. Studies have shown that if the price of an apartment is cheaper, this indicates that this building is without documents, is in an unfavorable part or without conditions, and in addition an apartment is being handed over to the buyer "without any repair." We advise you to seriously pay attention to the above points when buying an apartment.